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Membership Breakfast - The Art and Science of Marketing - Ryan Townend, CEO William Joseph Communica

We hope all who had the chance to attend the membership breakfast this past Thursday took home a little piece of marketing knowledge from the guru himself, Mr. Ryan Townend, CEO of William Joseph Communications.

We had a great setup at the Bow Valley Club with all the necessities; coffee, delicious breakfast, great service and an exclusive room where we had time to network and a great space for an exclusive presentation.

There were a lot of excellent take aways from Ryan's presentation. Marketing in our industry can mean a lot of things to a lot of different people. Our industry in oil and gas can be one of the most difficult to market effectively. In our current economy it is important to retain marketing efforts within an organization whether the company is large or small. Ryan presented some excellent theory behind marketing that all companies should remember when implementing their marketing strategies;

Remember the importance of your BRAND

- this is the what, why and who of the company that include your competitive positioning and your key message as an organization

Utilize the TACTICAL components of functional marketing

- the how and when of you marketing strategy

- these aspects encompass the purchase decision process, marketing to the masses and timing of social media messages

Don't forget about the INSIGHT phase or your marketing plan

- this is all about research and analysis of trends in the market, competitor research and what your customers are looking for


- this truly is the direction of the marketing plan where the tools, strategies and objectives come together.

All of these aspects can be implemented into all companies. For further information check out William Joseph Communications website HERE for there link to the WJU (William Joseph University) and sign up for their presentations and technical workshops on marketing and how to push your brand forward.

Stay updated on our website for the next membership breakfast! Great events, excellent networking and exclusive membership opportunities to be a part of a great group and meet some of your fellow CWIE members.

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