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CWIE MEMBER PROFILE - February, 2018 Valerie Stewart, Director of Business Development, SCOVAN Eng

Valerie Stewart - Director of Business Development for Scovan Engineering has over 15 years experience in business development within the industry. Her experience spans across a number of specific areas which include; oil and gas engineering, supply chain management, data analytics, and business intelligence.

Valerie has a keen focus on managing business relationships, negotiating contracts, delivering targeted revenue and team leadership. Her strategic and professional approach have helped her achieve her goals in this market. She graduated with her MBA from the Haskayne School of Business at U of C and was a recipient of the Jason Lang Scholarship. Previous to her MBA she finished her Bachelor of Arts from UBC before moving to Calgary to continue her education and career.

In addition to her success in the industry Valerie has many personal accomplishments that have helped her maintain focus and devleopment while budiling her career. As an avid runner, she has completed 3 half marathons and finished top female in her age category for a 5 KM road race AFTER having her third child! She continues to bring that commitment and determination into her work world.

Scovan Engineering is a young, dynamic and innovative organization that has experience working on SAGD facilities, well pads and conventional gas plants. Valerie's role is largely focused on delivering value in the oil and gas industry, but she also spends her time on positioning the company for the future. She works with a talented group of professionals, and is able to leverage their strong skill set for alternative energy related industrial projects. With a clear vision and strategic management of growth and diversification, she is providing new and unique opportunities for the company.

There are always challenges that each professional faces in the industry especially in oil, gas and energy. One of the challenges she faces is balancing the new with the traditional. The core of the business she represents is still focused in oil and gas facilities. This is a traditional approach to what the company has always done and always focused on. Her strategy is to ensure that there is a relevant mix of both old and new industries such as renewable energy that make up her business development model. This is a challenge she sees across the market and throughout the industry.

In addition to being very successful in her career and identifying these challenges, Valerie really enjoys being a part of an engineering firm. Working at Scovan has exposed her to new technology and industry leading innovations for the energy sector. These innovations range from new technology such as cogeneration, solvent recovery, evaporators for produced water treatment, to much more. Being a part of this environment has created a catalyst for continuous learning which has benefited her both professionally and personally.

Valerie has developed a great career and one of the most important elements that put her forward has been to step out of her comfort zone. By reaching beyond the familiar, taking on new challenges such as a public speaking engagement, leading a group in a new domain or presenting on a new technology is where she gains professional growth.

Her one tool to building her career in addition to taking on great advice and stepping out of her comfort zone is...her cell phone. "I love the efficiency that texting and email provide, but sometimes I find a conversation is still the best form of communication.”

Valerie joined CWIE 2 years ago. Joining CWIE made her feel more connected to the industry. She enjoys being a part of a professional and supportive group of women who are also focused on their career development. CWIE for her has held some excellent value but she has really identified with the technical presentations and finds these add a lot of value to her career development. She appreciates the networking and support that the members of CWIE provide to each other professionally and personally. Being a part of the Golf Tournament Committee was also a great experience to broaden her network and raise money for a worthy cause.

Valerie has certainly developed a successful career and she has some advice for women in the industry that are developing and growing their careers as well. "Networking is part of my job, so I try to meet with at least one new person a week. My goal is to always come away learning something new and to offer something of value in return. My advice would be: Foster your relationships- because at the end of the day, business is still based on personal trust."

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