DirectHer Network

This month's CWIE Membership breakfast will be hosted by a fantastic group of ladies who have started an excellent initiative called the DirectHer Network to help drive and move women into the transition of Executive Board positions in Calgary.

"DirectHer Network is a women-led not-for-profit which seeks to empower women with the knowledge and confidence needed to serve as board directors. The organization was born after seeing too many intelligent, capable and qualified women fail to apply for board positions on the basis of not 'perfectly' matching the criteria. DirectHer presents interested groups of women with accessible information related to board basics. The presentations are taught by women with varying levels of board experience and from a variety of different industries (finance, legal, oil & gas etc.)."

This wonderful team will be speaking to us about some of the Not for Profit Board Basics which include;

- stats on women’s participation on boards

- the research supporting the value women bring to boards

- how a not for profit board is structured and the important documents to consider

- common terminology used in the board setting

- board skill identification and

- where to look for not for profit board opportunities

Three amazing women in the Calgary community started the initiative in 2016 and are excited about it's growth. Check out their profiles below;