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Allies in Energy

Allies in Energy Executive Forum Aimed at “Building Trust & Community in a Challenged Industry” is Officially Sold Out!

The inaugural Allies in Energy Executive Forum, presented by Calgary Women in Energy, will be held on Wednesday, February 26, from 3:00 pm -7:00 pm at the Calgary Petroleum Club, with a panel of executive female Energy industry leaders with the goal of building trust and community in a challenged industry. This event was officially sold out after only 2 weeks.

Calgary Women in Energy (CWiE) is proud to present the Allies in Energy executive forum. It will be a powerful afternoon focused on connecting professionals that form part of our inclusive Energy community. An elite panel of executive female leaders will be coming together to share their unique perspective on shifting the paradigm and carving out a new path forward.

Engage with some of Canada’s most successful Energy leaders (from LNG Canada, Ferus and Startec) along with key community partners (CWiE, DirectHer Network, and Canada Powered by Women), as they share their knowledge, strategies and experiences on how to accelerate positive organizational changes and professional development.

The Business Case for Gender Diversity at Executive Levels Continues

Ample research exists supporting the improvement of collective intelligence and diversity of thought by implementing a diverse leadership team. Gender diversity within leadership continues to be a critical competitive advantage, however, it’s hard to sustain without efforts to support and develop diversity at each level of the pipeline feeding up into leadership.

How Can We Support Sustainable Diversity?

There are critical elements to fostering success with diverse groups, one of which is recognizing diverse contributions enrich organizations. Recognizing this is the first step to improving representation and empowering women in the workplace. Most importantly, having a leadership team which exemplifies an organization’s code of conduct and advocates for inclusiveness improves diverse representation at every level in an organization.

“Calgary Women in Energy is built on the foundation of inclusion, respect and creating a platform for women to engage with industry peers to empower themselves and each other within a supportive community.” – Kelly Palmer, Director of Communications, Calgary Women in Energy

With the successful debut of this first Allies in Energy Executive Forum, there is little doubt that this event will become the first of many opportunities for all Energy professionals to connect and collaborate, carving out an improved path forward.

About Calgary Women in Energy (CWiE):

Calgary Women in Energy (CWiE) was established in January 2003 with a modest founding membership of six sales professionals who gathered to discuss oilfield operations and how they could collectively exchange information and meet the objective of adding value to this exciting industry.

CWiE is an exclusive, non-profit, oil women’s society dedicated to promoting, supporting and empowering women in Calgary’s Energy sector. Members are directly engaged in oil field exploration and production, pipelines and facilities, construction and manufacturing. Working collaboratively with men in the industry, CWiE is a dynamic collection of professional women with integrity and shared aspirations. We facilitate meaningful approaches to networking and embrace new ways of enriching our connections.

For more information about the event, please visit

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