Making the impact: your journey towards gender diversity

By Anita Gara, Project Manager at Electricity Human Resources Canada (EHRC)

October marks Women’s History Month, the month we celebrate the outstanding achievements of women throughout Canada’s history. The theme for this year is #BecauseOfYou, honouring women and girls who have helped shape Canada into a flourishing, diverse and more equitable country. I’m grateful for the many women who blazed a trail for me, and I want to ensure we create a way forward for the women and girls of tomorrow.

We know diversity is the future, but diversity must be the now and the ever-present. Before the pandemic, there was already a chronic under-representation of diverse groups (including women) in Alberta and Canada’s electricity sector and beyond. Barriers to entry, advancement and retention in the workplace mean that women make up only around 26% of the workforce in Canada’s electricity sector. The economic and professional impacts of COVID-19 widen the gender gap and put women at increased risk for career setbacks; because of the pandemic, we are losing the progress we have made towards more equitable workplaces.