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Stuff a Purse Project - CWIE 2017 Christmas Charity Campaign

Our CWIE team was hard at work over the Christmas holiday this past year collecting items and purses from women around the city and stuffing them for our local charity The Louise Dean Center. These were given to some of the young women who are a part of this program and were an amazing addition to their Christmas holidays!

It took 4 full days to stuff all of the purses with the items we collected and in total we had 500 purses, stockings and backpacks donated to the Louise Dean Center! Not only were these provided to the Louise Dean Center but also to 5 other women's shelters across the city where needed. This was a very successful and amazing campaign that supported our community.

We received great review on this initiative and a heartfelt thank you from the Louise Dean Center as well thanking everyone for their contributions and enthusiasm for the campaign. See below for the thank you letter;

Our mission and vision for our CWIE organization involves supporting our local community in a meaningful way and we were so happy and thankful to know that our efforts are appreciated.

Looking forward to another great campaign for next year!

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